One of the great things about parties is that they give you the chance to get dressed up in your favourite party dress. But as most parties are in the evening and most party dresses are sleeveless, you can get little cold especially when travelling to and from the venue. Even in the middle of summer, it can be a little cool late in the evening. This is when women’s party cover ups come into their own. A normal day time cardigan or jacket usually doesn’t look quite right when worn with an amazing party dress. But there are a range of suitable cover ups available including bolero shrugs and pretty cropped cardigans.

Some ladies do not like showing the tops of their arms and feel self conscious in a sleeveless evening or party dress. Shrugs and boleros also come in very handy for these situations and can be worn all evening without looking out of place.

As with any women’s clothes, how stylish you look is not just about what you wear but how you wear it. This is especially true of evening wear and picking the right cover up is a key part of the success of the whole outfit. A shrug bolero or similar cover up not only matches the style of the evening or party dress but is usually short, cropped and open in style which allows it to be worn without affecting the line of the dress or covering up too much of it.

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