Shopping can be a challenge for many professional women and image is very important in the workplace as well as for career advancement. Women can now take advantage of online resources, store catalogs and other retail services to make shopping a fun and enjoyable event. There are ways to save money while shopping and build an extensive professional wardrobe. Listed below are tips that can stretch your budget and make all your shopping wishes come true!

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

The next time that you hit the mall or retail stores, carry coupons with you. Not only do you save money on the spot, but you can also save money for future shopping endeavors. Women are encouraged to sign up for email and mailing newsletters/fliers in order to receive coupons and shopping incentives. Discounts can range in dollar or percentage amounts and can be used for specific shopping days or events. Ask a sales associate or manager about receiving additional savings if they participate in “Family & Friends Day”, which is a campaign through various retails stores that allows customers to participate in employee discounts.

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