OverThe Counter Eczema Treatment & Eczema Creams


As recent study identified ‘Worldwide: 20 percent of children and up to 3 percent of the adult population have some form of eczema’ Finding an over the counter eczema treatment and cream is more important now, than ever before.

With the state of global viruses, strain on the medical system, getting an appointment with a Doctor or Dermatologist – It is a great option to have an over the counter eczema cream that can be delivered to your door, that assists calm an eczema flare up as your first line of defence.

How does your skin feel with an eczema flare up?

Skin feels inflamed skin is characterised by redness, dryness, heat, itching, scales, fissures, and pimples. 

It feels incredibly uncomfortable, and the itch is so uncontrollable you spend most of the day trying to calm the itch by scratching. While the scratching provides instant relief, it can quite often break / graze the skin making it feel worse. With the added risk of dirt, grit and grime underneath nails scratching open wounds, the risk of infection increases. 

A good over the counter eczema treatment and cream may:

– Calm the eczema flare up gently & quickly 

– Reduce the itchy skin

– Replenish dry or damaged skin

– Hydrate and soften skin

My Mia’s Skin Relief is an excellent over the counter eczema treatment created as the result of first-hand experience working with a mother whose daughter had severe eczema. She used all her experience from treating her daughter’s eczema from both in and out of hospital to create this unique 3 Step Over The Counter Eczema Treatment:

Step 1: Cleansing skin:

It is important cleanse the skin from dirt and impurities, before damaging skin and introducing unwanted dirt onto wounds.

My Mia’s Skin Relief Bath Salts are made with Himalayan and Dead Sea Salts, organic neem, calendula, paw paw, arnica, chamomile and calendula oil. This bath soak is a gentle bathing option for sensitive skin conditions like eczema.

Step 2: Treat the eczema flare up & dry flaking skin, with over the counter eczema creams:

My Mia’s Skin Relief has created two options to be used as eczema treatment creams that differ in their ingredients & application, but together ensure a comprehensive treatment.

In this mother’s opinion, she was always told by medical professionals to treat the eczema flare up as proactively as possible throughout the day. 

For this, My Mia’s has created Level 2 Calm & Clear Cream which has been designed to calm redness & raw skin. This cream is topically applied on the affected eczema flare up.

This is supported with My Mia’s Ultimate Barrier Cream, which is the perfect eczema barrier cream with added ceramides to replenish the skin.

Once the eczema flare up is under control, you can use a gentle organic cream Level 1 Soothe & Hydrate Cream over previously affected eczema flare up or other sensitive areas like face, scalp and hands.

Over the Counter Eczema Treatment Tips:

  • Have a bath in the bath salts once a day
  • Treat the eczema flare up as quickly as possible applying over the counter eczema creams Level 2 Calm & Clear & Barrier Cream throughout the day
  • Move to your daily organic cream with added herbal extracts to calm dry flaking skin
  • If symptoms do not calm, please seek medical advice.

My Mia’s Skin Relief has created a Skin Relief Kit, which contains all the products you need as an effective over the counter eczema treatment to find relief and heal your skin from any symptoms, including redness, dryness and itchiness.